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True Facts About The Octopus


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Special thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium


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lord topaz avatar
told topaz 10 months ago

This guy has the comedy talent of George carlin

But the voice of Morgan freeman

A perfect mix

EarthlyBlur 4 years ago

"deeps in the depths of the o-c-an"
me: * immediately subscribes *

Thomas SAISANI 5 months ago

"One floating duck does not a children's story make."


oOzephyrOo 1 year ago

"Look a bit like an alien got freaky with a weather balloon" - i literally spit my water out

PlagueOfGripes 5 years ago

You should have mentioned how smaller males will pretend to be women to get past the bouncer males and into clubs, where the actual lady octupii are so impressed that they have horrible octosex with the nerds, right there on the dance floor. It's super hot and scream-worthy.